Brand hand made of apparel and accessories "mexlisy".
The creator turned to me to help her create an expressive identity to stand out in the market.
Having analyzed similar brands that are distributed through Instagram, I came to the conclusion that basically everyone uses the same techniques - handwritten fonts, drawn graphics, watercolors, images of flowers.
In general, such things that indicate that this is done manually.
This is quite logical, but I was not satisfied with this approach, because I wanted to make the brand excellent.
So I built all the identity out of clean, airtight forms.
But at the same time, I had to show that this brand is warm and homemade, so I used the colors of warm autumn on the riverside.
The signature pattern is a carpet of autumn leaves.
The XOXO letters in the internet slang mean kisses and hugs, which I thought was pretty cute and liked by the customer.  

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